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Belgium sudah.. Kita bila lagi? Hshshshs

Belgium Law Suits Against Bill Gates & Prof Neil Ferguson
Published on January 16, 2021

Written by Martin Armstrong

Hundreds of angry Belgians have filed a lawsuit against Bill Gates, Belgium, and a British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson in court. They want all corona measures to be abolished. They have argued that “ithout a lockdown, there would have been fewer deaths.”

People have lost their freedoms and their livelihood all to further a concocted agenda which is really to further Climate Change. Bill Gates has come out and claimed that Climate Change will be far worse than COVID.

Gates is neither a climatologist nor a doctor. Nevertheless, he pretends to be the leading world authority on both. The sheer damage he has done to the world economy has not even been felt yet. When the restrictions are lifted, if EVER, then the unpaid rents, the bankruptcies of commercial property, and rental properties who still have to pay taxes with no income are beyond all consideration.

This is not going back to normal and we are staring into the eyes of the worst economic collapse since the Black Death. This 860 years from that event and it risks wiping out Western Civilization.

This will be most interesting to see if the Belgium Court is real, or will they dismiss the suit upon orders from above.

The story, written in the Dutch language, is in

“Hundreds of angry Belgians are taking Bill Gates, Belgium and a British epidemiologist to court. They want all corona measures to be abolished. The lawsuit was filed by his 240 Belgians from the group.

Their lawyer, Michael Verstraeten, toldThe Brussels Timesthat the measures violate our freedoms and do more harm than good.

“Without a lockdown there would have been fewer deaths,” said Verstraeten. “You have no idea how many people die because of lockdowns. We believe that other measures are needed, measures that do not harm the economy, and that do not restrict the rights and freedoms of the people. ””


Dari kes zero in Julai (min 1.30) hingga sekarang ke 4000++

So bila Malaysians pulak nak saman politahik kuceng punca gelombang ketiga ni?
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Happy Birthday yang 1st Macik Korona:lol::lol:

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Pakat tundeng jari tak selesai pepe pong...

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