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CARI Movie Contest - Greedy Ghost 貪心鬼見鬼

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Directed by   : Boris Boo
Starring         : Henry Thia, Kang Kang, Jessica Liu, Brendan Yuen
Local Release: 26 July 2012
Language       : Mandarin, English, Dialect


Lim has always been unlucky. He is struggling to make ends meet until he chanced upon the ‘Wordless Script’ one day and won the lottery! As the winning was only marginal, it was soon exhausted when he spent it with Nam and Hui, his two poor roommates cum colleagues who excavate bones from old graves for a living.

Unwilling to return to his poor days, Lim approaches the ‘Wordless Script’ for winning numbers again. This time, the Book-Spirit of the “Wordless Script” forewarns Lim that he will have to pay a heavy price, should he wants big winnings. Blinded by greed, Lim agrees to the terms and strikes a deal with the Book-Spirit.

As Lim’s life gets better and lavish, he also becomes increasingly dependent on the Book-Spirit, seeking its advice in everything.Soon, the Book-Spirit reveals the price which Lim has to pay for all his riches… and Lim will have to pay with his life!
It is only with Lim’s death, that he can be the next Book-Spirit, thus liberating the current Book-Spirit. Little does Lim expects: the richer he gets, the closer he is to his death.

At the same time, the greedy gambler in Nam is playing with fire… To satisfy his gambling addiction, he resorted to stealing the accompanying valuables in the coffin during one of the excavations, despite strong objections from Hui.

Following Nam’s theft, strange things happened. A vengeful spirit haunts Nam and Hui repeatedly, causing them much distress…
The trio of Lim, Nam and Hui can actually lead a decent and peaceful life, but made decisions at various stages of their lives to pursue riches and luxuries without knowing the heavy price they had to pay.

Is there really no way for the trio to redeem themselves from this mess? Or is their death the ultimate solution?



小林渐渐摆脱贫困的生活,但也开始依赖'书灵',一旦遇到抉择,就要'书灵'帮忙决定......但也就在这时候,'书灵'终于揭晓小林必须付出什么代价——死! 只有死,小林才可以成为《无字天书》的下一任'书灵',也只有这样,现任'书灵'才能获得解脱!而且,小林从'书灵'身上得到越多财富,自己的阳寿就会越来越短!

这时贪心、嗜赌的阿楠起了歪念。他竟然把自己负责处理的一个坟墓里的陪葬宝贝全部占为己有,并套现大笔现款!虽然老辉有极力阻止,可是被贪念蒙蔽的阿楠选择一意孤行。 随后,怪事接连发生。不但,罪魁祸首的阿楠频遇上幽灵的骚扰,连本来极力反对阿楠盗墓的老辉也遭殃...


Courtesy of Primeworks Studio, 30 pairs of <Greedy Ghost 貪心鬼見鬼> Preview Screening tickets will be given out to CARI members.To win the <Greedy Ghost 貪心鬼見鬼> Preview Screening tickets, answer the following question creatively:
Do you want to be greedy ghost or not? Why?
* Can answer in Malay, English or Chinese

Are you the CARI VIP member? What is CARI VIP member? (http://vip.cari.com.my)
CARI VIP member entitle prior seat arrangement.


Screening Detail:
Date : 23rd July 2012 (Monday)
Time : 9.00 pm
Venue :GSC, Mid Valley

Contest Terms & Conditions
1. Only open for CARI members. If you are not, register <here>.
2. Answer the question by replying the topic at below.
3.Winners will be randomly pick from all the replies with correct answer.
4. Selected winners are required personal information for us to arrange preview passes.
5. Winner notification will be sent out via EMAIL (make sure your account email is valid, to update your email please click HERE) latest by 16 July 2012 (Monday) and will require a confirmation email to confirm attendance on the screening date..
6. Any member invited not confirm their information before 19 July 2012 (Thursday), the screening passes will be revoked and pass to other members in line.
7. Judges’ decisions are final and binding. No correspondence on winner selection will be entertained.

Special thanks to Primeworks Studio Sdn Bhd.

kell0f0f Publish time 10-7-2012 05:36 PM

if i die, i want to rest in peace... i dont want to increase my sin anymore to become a ghost... especially greedy one... haha..

Yes, I'm cari VIP member

LleweLyn Publish time 10-7-2012 09:36 PM


横眉冷对 Publish time 10-7-2012 11:01 PM

Do you want to be greedy ghost or not? Why?
I do. Never tried never knew, once tried would know how it could be.

zen904 Publish time 11-7-2012 12:03 AM

I don't want to be greedy ghost as you will only get something that only belongs to you, I hope that the free movie tickets will belong to me!!!:rf:

NICOLEWONG90 Publish time 11-7-2012 10:19 AM

Do you want to be greedy ghost or not? Why?

yen1022 Publish time 11-7-2012 12:13 PM

I don't want to be a greedy ghost because the world is not going to anymore harmony if everyone just want to have everything.

加油 Publish time 11-7-2012 12:37 PM


eddywong87 Publish time 11-7-2012 03:49 PM

Do you want to be greedy ghost ort? Why?

=FAN= Publish time 11-7-2012 04:40 PM

Do you want to be greedy ghost or not? Why?

janness Publish time 11-7-2012 08:49 PM

但是我只貪心 Cari 的戲票,不過分吧???

yumiky Publish time 12-7-2012 09:06 AM


mulasapuso Publish time 12-7-2012 11:48 AM

Do you want to be greedy ghost ort? Why?

simon_sun Publish time 12-7-2012 02:10 PM

Do you want to be greedy ghost or not? Why?


杀鸡 Publish time 12-7-2012 04:29 PM

Do you want to be greedy ghost or not? Why?

Nope... Coz things that come without any hard work... Easy Come Easy Go! Nothing beats the feeling of earning it with your hand

save10thousand Publish time 12-7-2012 04:32 PM

I don't want to be a greedy ghost because the world is not going to anymore harmony if everyone just want to have everything.

huthuthut Publish time 12-7-2012 04:43 PM


-CLEMENT- Publish time 12-7-2012 06:40 PM

Do you want to be greedy ghost or not? Why?

b1ackmambo Publish time 12-7-2012 07:14 PM

Do you want to be greedy ghost or not? Why?

abby88 Publish time 12-7-2012 10:58 PM

Do you want to be greedy ghost or not? Why?
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