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CARI Movie Contest - Mae Nak

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Directed by       : Chotipan Nitiwat
Starring           : Bongkot Kongmalai, Rangsiroj Panpeng
Local Release: 26 July 2012
Language       : Thai

Mae Nak is a well-known love ghost story based on true love between Nak and Mak that happened 100 years ago in Thailand. It is a story about a soldier, Mak, who has left his pregnant wife at home,spending years in battle.

Mae Nak (Mae, the archaic form commonly used before a women’s name in old days) lived on the bank of the Prakanong River. At the end of the war he returned home where his house was deserted and ruined. But he saw it as it had been, and his wife Mae Nak and son as they were before he went away.

However, once her husband discovered that she was a ghost, he fled to the temple. Mae Nak was furious and began terrorizing people in the village. The whole community was terrified.

Villagers decided to dig up Nak’s body and cremated her as according to Buddhist religion so her spirit would rest in peace. But Nak’s ghost refused to go with the love she still had for her husband.Finally they had to bring in a monk to ask Nak’s spirit to go to glory.

帕卡南小镇的河边,一对夫妇面临即将别离,丈夫麦克被征召前往曼谷参与战役,妻子娜娜此时已身怀六甲,两人离情依依,不知一别何时才能再相见,娜娜满心不舍站在河边,眼看着麦克的船渐行渐远消逝在河的尽头。 麦克因战争身受重伤,被转送佛寺静养治疗,但娜娜在家乡,却音信全无,每日至河边痴痴盼望麦克归来,数月后,娜娜即将临盆,丈夫的一个好友,乌,连忙请接生婆前来协助,但娜娜却因难产而过世。

  麦克复原后,相当担心娜娜的安危,毅然离开佛寺赶回家中,当他一到小镇,却感觉到小镇出奇的宁静,颇不寻常,但一见到娜娜抱着小孩等他归来,欣喜之余,忘记了所有疑虑,却不知妻小早已过世。娜娜和麦克如正常夫妻般的生活,麦克并无察觉任何异样,娜娜也 完全如生前一样服侍丈夫,对他的爱日益渐深,甚至超过人类的爱,她深知有一天,麦克终究会发现事实真相。就这样过了一些时候,镇上的人开始离奇死亡,包括麦克的好友乌,镇上便谣传镇民的死因是娜娜使用邪术,害怕的镇民,一到夜晚,便无人敢在屋外徘徊,整个小镇陷入恐惧之中。纸终是包不住火,一日娜娜不小心将屋顶的灯摔落地上,她马上将手臂伸长到地上捡起摔 落的灯,这一幕却吓坏了麦克,心里明白娜娜已经不是人了,麦克仓惶逃离屋子躲进庙里。此时,一群好友乌的亲戚,气愤的攻击娜娜的屋子,放火烧成平地,突然,满脸愤怒的娜娜出现在他们眼前,瞬间,大部份的人都被杀死。之后,她匆匆出门寻找麦克,发现他躲在庙里,因而开始威协庙中的和尚,寺庙里的法力高强的 得道高僧连忙出来镇压疯狂的娜娜。从此,再也没有听过娜娜疯狂的威协,麦克遁入了空门替娜娜诵经赎罪,让她永远安息,只留下此凄美的爱情故事流传至今。


Courtesy of Rainfim Sdn Bhd, 30 pairs of <Mae Nak> Preview Screening tickets will be given out to CARI members.To win the <Mae Nak> Preview Screening tickets, answer the following question creatively:

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of ...... (Maximum 30 words)

* Can answer in Malay, English or Chinese

Are you the CARI VIP member? What is CARI VIP member? (http://vip.cari.com.my)
CARI VIP member entitle prior seat arrangement.


Screening Detail:
Date   : 24 July 2012 (Tuesday)
Time    : 9.00 pm
Venue : GSC, Mid Valley

Contest Terms & Conditions
1. Only open for CARI members. If you are not, register <here>.
2. Answer the question by replying the topic at below.
3.Winners will be randomly pick from all the replies with correct answer.
4. Selected winners are required personal information for us to arrange preview passes.
5. Winner notification will be sent out via EMAIL (make sure your account email is valid, to update your email please click HERE) latest by 17 July 2012 (Tuesday) and will require a confirmation email to confirm attendance on the screening date..
6. Any member invited not confirm their information before 20 July 2012(Friday), the screening passes will be revoked and pass to other members in line.
7. Judges’ decisions are final and binding. No correspondence on winner selection will be entertained.

Special thanks to Rainfilm Sdn Bhd.

kell0f0f Publish time 10-7-2012 05:35 PM

i'll bring my gf go along. and i'll give her a big hug to comfort her with my big arm. LOVELY :)

加油 Publish time 11-7-2012 12:45 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of

wkayz Publish time 11-7-2012 04:22 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of ......



half_lif3 Publish time 11-7-2012 06:54 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of I believe thai horror movie would let me experience thrills and suspense that would not be possible happen in our daily life..

janness Publish time 11-7-2012 08:58 PM

我要學幾招,去Halloween party前可以參考一下~

yumiky Publish time 12-7-2012 09:18 AM


NICOLEWONG90 Publish time 12-7-2012 09:25 AM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of I believe thai horror movie is the best horror movie,it bring us believe that in this world,really got this kind of things happen among us.

slyvest Publish time 12-7-2012 12:23 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of Thailand is famous in producing good horror movies and I believe that <Mae Nak> is one of them and I love horror movies.

simon_sun Publish time 12-7-2012 01:22 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of


wssoo Publish time 12-7-2012 04:28 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because is been a long time since Thai produce good horror ghost movie and this seems promising.

littleboy3060 Publish time 12-7-2012 04:38 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of the essence of horror in Thai is the best among all horror movie and definitely will chill my backbone in the whole movie

ncl_1004 Publish time 12-7-2012 04:41 PM

Post Last Edit by ncl_1004 at 12-7-2012 16:43

I am Cari VIP
I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because I like to bring my gf watch horror movie so that she will hug me in the night !

bakaling Publish time 12-7-2012 04:51 PM

Post Last Edit by bakaling at 12-7-2012 16:52


sorcecer Publish time 12-7-2012 05:44 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of

lcmjy Publish time 12-7-2012 10:22 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of ...... (Maximum 30 words)


koujo Publish time 12-7-2012 11:08 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of i like to watch the horor movie's and i want to see and rate this movie if this movie is horor or not. :)

abdulariff Publish time 12-7-2012 11:24 PM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because of I'm one of the human that have 'chicken heart' in watching horror film but 'stout-hearted' in real ghost

abnerC Publish time 13-7-2012 01:02 AM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because i like thai culture and thier ghostly movies are very creepy, i would like to challenge myself =)

niknazry Publish time 13-7-2012 01:33 AM

I want to watch <Mae Nak> , because i'm just curious about this new version of this famous thai horror character... Hopefully its better than "Nang Nak" which still remain the best version so far...
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