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divisa24 15-6-2024 02:24 PM
Data analytics is examining data sets to draw conclusions about the information they contain. This process is typically performed with specialized software and tools. Data analytics is crucial for businesses and organizations because it provides insights to drive better decision-making, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. Here’s a comprehensive overview of data analytics: Types of Data Analytics Descriptive Analytics Purpose: To understand what has happened in the past. ... ...
Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:57 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:57 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:57 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:56 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:56 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:56 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:56 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:56 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:56 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:55 PM
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Alimandela 5-3-2024 04:55 PM
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